Ever wondered what a higher center of gravity actually looked like? This very first BMW X7 prototype (courtesy of Auto Express) gives us a rare glimpse into how that translates into the body structure of a sedan. Yes that’s a G11 7 Series test mule you see above. But it’s also the very first BMW X7 prototype.

Sources are telling us that BMW engineers are rapidly beginning engineering on the X7 even without the final body in white complete. The solution is to use the G11 7 Series which the new X7 is closely related to. However in order to properly develop the car engineers have added weight above the roof and bonnet to mimic the forthcoming crossover.

In our minds this makes the case for a wagon pretty clear. But putting aside our pro wagon stance for a moment, this prototype clearly demonstrates the type of engineering challenges that BMW goes through when developing high performance crossovers. There’s no question they’re more of a challenge when it comes to producing the type of BMW dynamics we all enjoy.