According to BMW CEO Harald Krueger, BMW has trademarked naming rights for the i1 to i9 and iX1 to iX9. While BMW has big plans for the i sub-brand, it’s the iX line-up that could prove much more profitable and lasting.

The first all electric product sold by the parent BMW brand will be the iX3 in 2020. According to Autonews, beyond the electric X3 BMW plans at least two new electric cars in the short term, one likely to be called the i5 and another that may be named the i9. By 2025 BMW plans to have 12 fully electric models on the road.

The i9 sounds big, expensive and fast doesn’t it? While we know nothing more than the name we do know that BMW is pressing ahead with a strategy that will see a number of luxury cars brought to market over the next 5-7 years. Why? It’s a highly profitable part of the automotive world and BMW needs that profit to power its development of electric and autonomous cars.

Looking at the recent trademarking and thinking about thus strategy it’s easy to deduct that BMW may also be looking at bringing to market an X8 coupe (based on the upcoming X7) and an even more luxurious X9.

It all starts next year with the introduction of the all new X5 and the highly anticipated X7.