According to Car and Driver, the M4 GTS (previewed by the M4 MotoGP Safety Car) will make it’s public debut at Pebble Beach this summer.

>We already knew that this particular car was fitted with a water-injection system and that BMW has been dropping some very broad hints about also planning to fit this to a forthcoming production model. But having talked to an extremely well-placed insider—well placed both in that he was standing next to the car on the stand and that he knew what he was talking about—we can reveal that the injection system will make its debut in the forthcoming M4 GTS. Which we should be seeing, in concept form, at the Pebble Beach festival of money this coming August.

We had assumed Frankfurt would be the location but given that it’s Pebble Beach, this also bodes very well for US availability. Here’s more from C&D:

>As with the previous E92 M3 GTS, it sounds like the M4 version will be the bare-bones track-spec iteration of the car, with minimal trim, revised suspension, and—if past form holds—sticky, racetrack-spec tires. Water injection will help cool the engine charge intake, especially useful under hard circuit use, reducing knock and potentially allowing the GTS to run more boost. It’s not a new idea, of course, even among mainstream automakers; Subaru has used it on some STI models.

You can read more about the system in our previous article on the technology.