Here’s the top-line on the X1. The rear wheel drive E90 based chassis has been replaced by a UKL based front wheel drive one. While that’s the headline everyone will be talking about with this new X1, the details are actually pretty intriguing. These changes has allowed BMW to maintain performance while increasing efficiency, lose weight (almost 70 lbs) while increasing interior space.

The 2.0L B48 power plant is the same one under the hood of the front wheel drive 1 Series 28i and the MINI JCW. This engine will form the base X1` in the US market with a 35i model producing 300 hp coming later. The 28i is down 12 hp and 2 ft lbs of torque respectively. However with the better performance out of the xDrive system and slightly less weight 0-60 is achieved at the same 6.3 seconds as the previous rear wheel drive based X1.

The overall length is down 1 inch while width is up the same amount. Unsurprisingly given it’s front wheel drive basis, the new X1 has a shorter wheel base by three inches meaning that the front and rear overhangs are a few inches longer.

For more dig into the PDF below.

BMW x28i Technical Details (PDF)