The BMW M4 GT4 looks to be coming along nicely. Jörg Müller, Dirk Adorf and BMW Motorsport Junior Nico Menzel spent last week in Dubai running a race conditions test for the new BMW M4 GT4. The four day test session (much of it run essentially as a race would be) is one of the last formal testing sessions for the GT4 before being formally signed off on.

Similar to the M235i, the M4 GT4 will allow teams to buy a turn-key product that has already been fully tested and vetted to perform on par with Aston Martin Vantage, Ford Mustang, McLaren 570S and Porsche Cayman.


With the GT4, BMW is creating a turnkey race car with top quality and safety standards, excellent driveability and low running costs. The entire drivetrain, including electronics, will be taken from the BMW M4 Coupé. The carbon bonnet comes from the BMW M4 GTS, and the BMW M4 GT4 has carbon-fibre doors, a special motorsport front splitter and rear wing, as well as a racing exhaust system. The seats, the brakes and the pedal box use solutions carried over from the BMW M6 GT3.

We expect the testing to wrap in the first part of 2017 with a few races to follow this year. Privateer teams should will then compete with the GT4 in 2018.