If you were waiting for a four door M4 CS, wait no more. For the first time an M3 CS has been spotted at the Ring full of all of the CS goodies that we love.

Given what we know of the M4 CS, this M3 CS will come 460 hp that comes standard with a dual clutch transmission, retuned variable dampers and semi-slick Cup tires. Yes its fast: 7:38 around the Ring, a full 12 seconds faster than the standard M4 (we assume the M3 will be close if not the same).

But there’s more to the CS than that. This is the best kind of parts bin car. The retuned suspension is an iteration of what is found on the Competition package and the tires comes from the GTS. The interior is a mix of GTS and Competition package with some unique touches thrown in for good measure. You get the sense that this is the car that BMW would have loved to have launched in 2014.