BMW M Vice President Dirk Hacker has confirmed that the sub-brand is currently developing models with electrification and that there will be M Hybrids sooner rather than later. The admission comes as the performance sub-brand is also seeing very strong demand for its back to basics M2.

Hacker sat down with Autocar to elaborate:

“We cannot avoid the need for electrification and it is true that we are working on hybrid power already,” said Hacker. “For now, all I will say is that we are working on a very precise technical solution, but there is no final decision on how to deploy the concept.”

“Adding mass to performance cars is never ideal,” he said. “But if we can use electrification to install more performance, then we start to have the answers. That might be more speed, or it might be the ability for a car to be driven on electric power in a city. It might also be the case that we need different answers to that question in different cities.”

The real question is to we as M fans want hybrids? Do we need them? We at BF have a love for full electric cars and the torque that they deliver but they fit in a very different place within our automative landscape. While supercar makers have proven hybrids can be fast, we’re not yet convinced they can be fun (at least not without seven figure price tags). What’s your take? Do you want M hybrids?