Let’s break this down for all the busy people out there. The 2019 BMW M5 Competition is a 625 hp (617hp in the US) super sedan that is tweaked in a couple key areas resulting in greater performance and meaner looks.

Priced at $110,995 including destination($995) the new M5 Competition is going to retail for $7,400 more than the standard M5 in the US and hit showrooms later this summer.

Is it worth the extra $7,400? The engine tune and exhaust are going to get the most attention but the extra suspension and chassis tuning that went into this car may be the more important modifications. We found the standard M5 to be a revelation in terms of handling and track performance. With these additions we’d expect the M5C to be the fastest production BMW to date around any track.

Add to this the exterior and interior modifications and $7,400 seems like money very well spent spent. So much so that we wonder how many M5s will be sold without this package in a years time.