The all-new 2019 BMW X5 is what we could call an aggressive evolutionary change over the existing X5. Launched in 2013, the current X5 has been heralded for its car-like performance and comfort along with the expected utility that comes from an SAV. The new X5 ups the anti on all fronts with more technology, a slightly longer wheelbase (1.6″) and overall better packaging.

Overall the new G05 X5 is 1.1″ longer, 2.6″ wider and 1″ higher than the outgoing F15 X5.

2018 BMW X5 vs the All-New BMW X5

First Generation X5 (1997 – 2004)

Second Generation X5 (2005 – 2012

Third Generation X5 (2013 – 2018)

The All New 4th Generation X5 (2019 +)