Yesterday we showed you a preview of the i7 all electric 7 Series. Today we want to go a bit more in-depth thanks to one of our sources and the always trusty source ynguldyn deep within the message boards of Bimmerpost.

The 2023 BMW 7 Series will comes in two flavors – all electric and hybridized petrol powered. The latter will see a number of revised engines and new drivetrain configurations. In a lot of ways the G70 2023 BMW 7 Series gives us a preview of the complexity we’ll see elsewhere in the BMW product range.

G70 2023 BMW 7 Series

G70 2023 BMW 7 Series ICE Models

We’ll the following petrol models with US market models italicized:

  • 735i (B58U2, 270hp)
  • 735d (B57, 280hp)
  • 735dx (B57, 280hp)
  • 745ex (B58U2 + EM = 480hp)
  • 740i (B58M2, 370hp)
  • 740ix (B58M2, 370hp)
  • 750ix (S68, 535hp)
  • M750ex (B58M2 + EM = 565hp)
G70 2023 BMW 7 Series

G70 2023 BMW 7 Series Electric Models

The G70 2023 BMW 7 Series will be the second car in the BMW range that will have both a ICE and electric models based on the same chassis. That strategy was called risky at the time of its announcement as both VW and Mercedes have gone with bespoke electric architecture. What it allows for is choice and plenty of variation. The downside (theoretically) is less efficient packaging for batteries. Will that hurt the car in the real world? Time will tell. However BMW is planning three all electric models:

  • i7 eDrive45
  • i7 xDrive50 (480hp)
  • i7 M60
G70 2023 BMW 7 Series

G70 2023 BMW 7 Series Options

The 7 Series has always been preview of options we’ll eventually see throughout the brand. This new G70 version is no different with a number of new and enhanced options:

  • LA Autonomous option called Motorway Assist
  • Automatic door (a la the new Phantom)
  • Enhanced sky lounge headliner
  • Laser lighting similar to what we’ve seen on the XM
  • Rear heated, cooled and massaging seats
  • Completely rethought rear entertainment option
  • Enhanced B&W stereo

G70 2023 BMW 7 Series Production Timing

BMW will begin producing the all new G70 in July of 2022 as a 2023 model. Currently BMW is planning on an LCI refresh for March of 2026 with an end of production scheduled for June 2029. It’s broadly assumed at that time BMW will transition to an entirely electric 7 Series. Yes this will very likely be the last ICE power 7 Series we’ll ever see.