Along with a host of changes to the refreshed 2023 BMW X7, we’ll also be getting a new and improved automotive features. The system will now be capable of Level 2+ Autonomy and eventually Level 3 on some German highways. What is Level 2+ and why should you care? If you drive on the highway you’ll want to read on.

Currently BMW’s Active Driving Assistant Pro Drive allows for Level 2+ below 37 MPH. That means you can take your hands off the wheel entirely as long as your eyes are on the road. The car will stop, go, turn and even change lanes on command. However once you reach 38 MPH the system turns off and goes into the simplistic Level 2 mode which requires hands on the wheel. While it works well, limiting 2+ to 37 MPH means it’s primarily used in urban traffic.

This new system will now allow for hands-free driving up to 81 mph an hour (130 KPH) making it massively more helpful for the majority of drivers and likely to be used much more.

What’s changed? In cars like the X7 not much other than software. That means we will see it available as a software update for some X7s. But first the revised system will debut in the 2023 BMW X7 and will eventually make its way throughout the BMW fleet starting with the forthcoming BMW 7 Series and BMW i7.