BMW USA Motorrad Sales +31.1% for July 2013

Yet another month of stellar sales growth for BMW Motorcycles in the USA in July. Overall sales were up +31.1% over a year ago, and year-to-date sales grew by +21.3% with 1,346 total units sold in July. For 2013 so far, BMW USA has sold nearly two thousand more motorcycles this year vs. last year.

BMW Motorrad Sales up 11.5% Worldwide. Best Sales Month Ever.

BMW Motorrad continues to enjoy a successful 2013, with April sales not just up, but totaling the best sales month in the division\'s 90 year history. BMW is reaping the rewards of a diverse lineup, competitive pricing and technological leadership — particularly in Latin America, Asia and Russian markets. Yet overall, Germany remains BMW\'s largest motorcycle buying market. Sales leaders include the all-new R 1200 GS and the venerable HP4 variant of the S 1000 RR.

BMW Motorrad Launching New \”Feed Your Restless\” TV Campaign

For those of us who love to ride motorcycles but also <del>unfortunately</del> live in the midwest or the east coast of the USA, winter is a time of restless impatience. The walls of our offices seem smaller than ever. The wind feels colder. The sky is even more gray. We obsessively watch the 10-day weather projections desperate for more temperate conditions on the horizon. There\'s an itch on our backsides that only a motorcycle in motion can scratch.