BMW USA M Sport Update

BMWNA had released the initial wave of the M Sport models several months ago: 135i, 528 and 535. Now we are in the second wave of models that are to receive the M Sport kit. We have covered the features of this package in the past and many have commented on the fact there is no meat with the potatoes (no added power) but the kit does add a lot of nice looking ///M equipment.

The 128, 550, all 3 series (excluding 335d) will be available with ZMP from March production. The X5 will be available from April with the optional ZMP.

Pricing for the 128 coupe is $2,450 and the convertible comes in at $2,700. The coupe and convertible 3 series is priced at $3,250 those interested in a sedan or wagon will need to cough up an additional $500. For the remainder of pricing, wheels and model specific package options please see the attached PDF.

Official M Sport PDF

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  • Parker

    Kinda shocked at the pricing, wasnt expecting it to be that high.

  • Parker- We had originally heard it would be in the $3300-$3500 range so that was not too far off. Yes at $3700 it is a bit high, but once you add in the wheels, tires and headliner it begins to look a bit more reasonable. Look how much the regular ZSP is these days $1955 on the 335i, add a body kit and you are already at the ZMP price without the headliner 🙂

  • Parker

    I know, thats what I have to keep reminding myself… Plus we are getting a much better price than all the other markets.

  • Mark Smith a.k.a BMWPro77

    Funny? When are we possibly getting the engine mods for the 335/535? I thought they were supposed to be part of this. They’re probably going to be apart of the BMW Tuning catalog.

  • Mark: From the beginning this ZMP kit has only been cosmetic, no additional performance and that is what people may or may not like about it. US 3 Series to get M Sport Kit

    BMW Performance will be offering a dealer installed Engine Power Kit, that is completely different and is only a performance mod.It is also only for the 135 and 335.

    BMW Performance Engine tune

  • Drill

    Thanks for the info Michael!

    Any idea which wheel will come on the E91? I see both a 17 and 18 inch option for the 3 series.

    I really wish BMW would offer more performance mods too (especially for the N52), does the N54 really outsell the N52 by that much??

  • Natextr

    Any Idea if the ZMP is available on an xi equipped car? I am placing my order in two weeks and would really love to know…

  • J

    I am ordering mine tomorrow on a 335xi Sedan, so yes you can get it on a xi car. They are also offering a factory alarm as well for March Production, option code 320.

  • @Natextr: From a philosophical point of view I hope they do not offer the sport suspension in this package for an AWD car. Part of what has always made BMW great is the fact that they are generally unwavering when it comes to compromising on what at least sport suspension should come equipped on.

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  • Mark Smith a.k.a BMWPro77

    Thank you for the clarification Michael.

  • Natextr


    While I agree with you in spirit, AWD and performance are not mutually exclusive. Just look at the fabled 959 or today’s offerings from Lamborghini. That being said, I plan on purchasing a car that fits all of my needs (AWD, probably a wagon and want a sporty ride). So, if BMW offers the ZMP on the 328xiT or 328xi, I’ll probably buy it…

  • Parker

    The co dealer of where I work has a 335Xi ZMP on order, so it is available on XDrive cars.

  • @Natextr: But I think it’s not in BMW’s DNA historically. I think BMW needs to hang their hat on something and the idea of RWD = performance is one of the key attributes of the brand. Clearly there are great AWD cars out there. I’m just not sure if BMW should make them.

    But if they do, I hope you get the wagon of your dreams 🙂

  • Chaz

    Gabe – I tend to agree with you. I’m not sure the gang in Munich does given what they are doing to the X series and the M badge…

  • Gabe and Chaz- I would tend to agree with you on the RWD= Performance. However, the advent of torque vectoring and variable power delivery may have changed things a bit. Look at the latest Lambos or GTRs and say that those are not performance AWD cars. The BMW setup currently (outside from what I am hearing about the ///M SAVS) is not that great for all out performance. I have 2 Xis currently and have had rwd and now the ///M, the XIs are 8/10 the performance the RWDs are and that is because of the added weight and lack of a true sport suspension.

    I have always been a proponent of RWD, the AWD has some added benefit in the snow belt (plus BMWNA does not give us a 5 Series wagon w/o the AWD!). But for all out driving and fun there is no comparison.

    BMW actually sells the most AWD vehicles in the world; yes that is true, even more than Audi. That is why the xDrive badges are now prominently displayed. Market research showed that even though BMW sells the most it was the least known. Quattro, 4Motion and 4Matic destroyed xDrive,

    But to answer the question…. ZMP is available on all 3ers EXCEPT the 335d.

  • Rich

    It’s really too bad the ZMP package doesn’t come with the BMW Performance suspension upgrade.

  • Dylan

    @ Michael. I’m amazed that you say BMW sell more AWD cars than Audi. I would never have picked that. I don’t mean to call you into question – but could you please post some sources about this I think it would make interesting reading!

  • holy god, that 3 looks super sexy right there. Me like, I just dont like a bunch of cars running around with an M badge on them…other then that…sexy!

  • Drill

    @illegaprelude, At least all of the ///M badges are on the inside, lol.

    This package actually makes sense for me. We’re looking at a 328i Wagon and of the “extras” that I wanted were the Aero kit, M Steering wheel and the Anthracite headliner (which is unavailable as a stand-alone option). This kit gives me all of those and with the added benefit of having it all mounted on day one when we pickup at Munich 🙂 (instead of paying the dealer for paint/parts/install after the fact).

  • Dylan: You can be sure that I will be writing a post on the AWD info soon!

    It surprised me too initially.

  • Dylan

    Should be a great read – thanks Michael!