The Next M3 CSL: New Details

Last week we showed you a photo and some vague information on what looks to be the next iteration of the famed M3 CSL. While we ‘re not 100% sure that the CSL name will be used, we ‘re pretty close. But name aside we do have some new information to share. Scott26 has confirmed to us that the car will debut in Sedan form this year due to the E90 M3 ‘s short shelf-life. A coupe (E92) version will come likely next year.

The CSL will feature carbon fiber on several body panels. Our guess is that we ‘ll see it on the hood, front fenders and perhaps the trunk-lid. Also expect some modifications inside to further help with weight reduction.

Power will be upped to between 420 and 450 hp while the suspension and brakes will be made more aggressive. Finally we can confirm this isn ‘t the “Material ” concept that M will debut at the Tokyo show.

Photo courtesy of our friends at Bimmerpost

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  • Bryan Dantz

    Tokyo show is at the end of the year. Amateurs

    • Michael

      Bryan- we are aware of when the Tokyo show is. That is when the “material” concept will be unveiled, so not sure why the mockery?

      • Bryan Dantz

        Why don’t you ask your colleague Gabe? Who changed the text without displaying the proper indication. Initial text said in a few weeks at Tokyo show.

        no mockery dude. Just facts.

  • Adam

    An E90 lightweight, I’m all in. This will be collectable in no time, the E90 M3 as a whole is rare, I see more E36 four-door M3’s than I see E90’s and considering that this will be low volume and possibly (given the nanny state the US is trying its best to adopt) gonna be tough to sell here.

    I imagine the coupe variant probably being lighter though, given that the sedan will need to maintain rear seats and so forth. I’m really curious to know about the color too, its unique almost like the Royal Blue that the ’98 Toyota Supra Turbo came in.

  • mb

    Not sure how they could use the CSL moniker (C for Coupe) with this E90. Name notwithstanding, I hope it comes to the US!