There have been many questions, comments and wishes from our readers in regards to the upcoming release of the BMW Advanced Diesels. We now have some further answers and many of our original beliefs have been validated by sources close to these vehicles. You can view our original story here

There will only initially be two models for the US and BMW will use these to gauge the fledgling market and future model offerings; the 335d sedan (rwd) and the X5 xDrive35d (name verified) both will be 2009 model year vehicles. So no, is the answer to the 5er, and the sport-wagons.

The options packages should be very similar if not identical to the 335i for the 335d. The X5 options will generally be the same as the current 3.0si model rather than the 4.8i, the third row seating will remain an option as the additional Bluetech equipment does not interfere (an original concern).

There will be only one transmission choice and that is the updated ZF six speed auto, it apparently is one of the only transmissions that can handle all that torque (425+ lbs.) and keep the car street drivable. So it will shift quickly and be responsive. It will feature Steptronic and sport paddles should be an available option when combined with the sport package. The X5 will still have the updated shifter, the 3 will not.

A filler for the AdBlue urea tanks will be located on the driver ‘s side rear bumper which was visible in our photos from the NY auto show. It will be body colored but it will still be visible which many may feel looks bad or like a blemish to the smooth lines of the bumper.

With the current exchange rate situation of the dollar being worth substantially less than the Euro, the additional cost of this new diesel technology plus the addition of the SCR system a price premium of some sort in the US is a safe bet. This is rather than a discount that is currently the norm for diesels in Europe when compared to their gasoline engined counterparts. BMW is months out from pricing these cars but there is little hope for anything but an increase we were told; how much is still up in the air.