Last summer BMW began the process of trademarking for the name “555i “. This began with a bunch of rumors earlier this year that a new 5.5l engine was in the works, we know that is just not in the plans for the 5 at this time. The N63 engine being released in the new X6 ’50 ‘ will be the engine of choice. The N63 is an aluminum 4.4L, twin-turbocharged, direct-injected V8 engine from BMW that will be released officially to dealersrs this May.

The N63 produces 400 hp and over 450 ft/lbs of torque according to BMW. It utilizes a newly developed concept in the location of the turbos. The turbochargers are mounted in the “V ” of the engine and the intake manifolds are located on the sides of the block. This allows for a more compact engine and reduces the overall width of the assembled engine.

This engine features an air-to-water system for the inter-coolers. This is a great deal more efficient and provides a shorter air pathto the engine (reducing weight) than using a standard air-to-air inter-cooler. Like its ‘ sibling the N54 inline six twin turbo this engine does not utilize the usual BMW Valvetronic systems found in naturally aspirated motors.

Expect to see this motor utilized in the 555 much the way the current V8 is. Overall it will be the sportier model in the line up and offer the standard options and features the current model has. The availability of the sport package with aerodynamic body kit option will remain with some slight changes, including limited edition color choices. Choices of transmissions have not been officially confirmed but we have received several hints that point to a milder DCT will be available when combined with the sport package.

With the 5 getting a little long in the tooth we expect to see some interesting marketing strategies in the form of packages, colors and limited edition items, this just being the first; stay tuned!

We also have indications that this engine will be utilized in all the current V8 models and in future models. BMW invested a lot of time and resources into the development of this engine and will be utilizing it across most model lines. Much as in the past certain models will be picked from the get go and the rest it will trickle down to.