Remember that X5 clone that BMW sued to get off Italian roads earlier this year? BMW has lost it ‘s case and the CEO (as it ‘s called) built by Shuanghuan Automobile will continue to be sold in Italy.117 were registered in Italy during 2007 and another 300 were delivered to dealers this year. Obviously it ‘s not a huge threat to BMW but an unfortunate precedent has been set by this verdict.

Here ‘s an excerpt from the Automotive News article on the verdict:

> “We are convinced the CEO wasn ‘t a clone of the X5. We are happy to see our view supported by a court ruling, ” said Viviana Martinelli, spokeswoman for Milan-based Martin Motors, which is Shuanghuan ‘s European distributor.

Our verdict? Ridiculous.

+ BMW loses Chinese clone court action / Automotive News.