BMW 135i with N54/DCT

We originally broke the news last week of BMW bringing the 2011 335is to market but now that it has made its way around cyber-space we thought we show you some official documents from Canada. The “is ” will be exclusive to coupes and convertibles. The boost in performance will be similar to the X6 ‘s 7RR package and BMW Performance Kit with 22hp and 32 lb-ft bumps (322hp/332 lb-ft). The “is ” will differ from those performance upgrades as it will feature “overboost ” and provide a maximum of 369 lb-ft of torque.

Worth noting is that the list of standard features are for the Canadian market and there are some differences in content to the US, wheels being the main difference as the US will see 19s as at least an option. In other parts of the world these models will be referred to as the 340i.

Image from BimmerPost hosted by Jalopnik