BMW of North American will begin rolling out the highly anticipated upgrade to ConnectedDrive beginning with September production. They will be part of the BMW Assist with Bluetooth (639) and iPod/USB Adapter (6FL) options. These enhancements will extend the functionality through improved integration of mobile devices into the vehicle. These new features are made possible by hardware advances and are not “retrofittable” to pre-September builds.

BMW Assist with Extended Bluetooth (639)

The Bluetooth functionality is extended beyond hands-free and phonebook support. Multiple innovations will debut with BMW Assist with Extended Bluetooth. Feature support is dependent upon compatibility with the mobile device.

– Mobile Office: Now with the industry-first mobile office integration of BlackBerry Smartphones, a customer can access email, text messages, and notes all through the iDrive system providing a great integration of mobile life into the vehicle. It is important that drivers maintain focus on the road, and to assist them in maintaining that focus, the text is restricted and only fully displayed when the vehicle is parked. However, with the voice control system included with navigation, the messages are read aloud via text-to-speech so the driver can keep his or her eyes on the road. (Compatible BlackBerry hardware, firmware, and feature set T.B.D.)
– External Call Lists: The new external call list handling provides a more seamless experience by downloading the “re-dial” and “received calls list” at every reconnect of the mobile device and after each call.
– Bluetooth Music Streaming: Bluetooth music streaming offers wireless audio streaming from the mobile device to the vehicle. Music stored on the mobile phone is played and controlled through the iDrive controller.

iPod/USB Adapter (6FL)

This option has also been enhanced with many exciting features.

– iPod One-wire integration: No longer will an iPod connection require the “Y-cable”. The original iPod USB cable is all that is required to connect the device to the vehicle. This simplifies the connection by not requiring the aux-input. The music is transferred directly from the iPod digitally to the HiFi system via USB. Therefore as of September, the Y-Cable will no longer be included with iPod/USB Adapter (6FL).
– Album Cover Art: The ability to display album cover art will also be included with the iPod/USB Adapter. If cover art is contained in the metadata of the song, it will show on the vehicle display while the song is played.
– Voice Control of Devices: In combination with the voice control system included with navigation, the driver can control external devices and select genre, artist, album, and song title by simply speaking the words.
– Mobile Phone Device Driver Update: Lastly, in combination with BMW Assist, the USB port of the iPod/USB Adapter can be used to upload new mobile phone and audio player device drivers. (Release timing for this feature and device driver availability are subject to change.)