Looks like the battle for what ///M stands for continues on. Edmunds Inside Line contrasts the original ///M3 to what is currently offered in dealer showrooms. Is it even fair to compare two cars that are separated by 25 years? Bluetooth, cell phones and the like were not even things most people could fathom let alone require- Marty McFly was busy flying back in time when the original E30 M was made, today that movie series would more than likely never be produced but it is classic.

There is poise and fluency to this car that the years have not diminished. The chassis responses are so beautifully judged that a rhythm comes naturally to your driving. So many modern sports cars demand a point-and-squirt technique, because their performance is so colossal relative to the confines of the road. The E30 is not like that. It encourages you to think about driving again and then it responds with an enviable repertoire of skills.

The full article is well worth the read over at Edmunds

Image: Edmunds Inside Line