BMW Innovation Days

BMW AG has released an extensive amount of information about the future of Connected Drive and its integration into the Efficient Dynamics concept. It will take us a few days to go through all the information and to summarize it fully for you but we felt that some of our readers would benefit from the full read. You can see the full table of contents below followed by the lengthy PDF. You can expect us to provide you with the pertinent information in the coming days and weeks.

Innovation Days Connected Drive meets Efficient Dynamics

Table of contents.

1. Infotainment, navigation and personalisation getting to your destination in comfort and in the know.

1.1 The car key of the future.

A weekend trip with just your BMW key on you? Not a problem, as you can use it to book tickets, make cashless payments and access your hotel room.

1.2My BMW Remote.

A smartphone app leads you back to your parking space and sets the desired interior vehicle temperature in advance.

1.3Seamless Media Access.

Just brought home the latest album by your favourite band and only have time to listen to the first three tracks? No worries: track 4 will be ready to play in the car.

1.4Mood-based playlist.

Chillout music on country roads, karaoke in a traffic jam, prog-rock after work – the Mood-based playlist delivers the appropriate music for every situation.

1.5iPod Out.

Select tracks, compile playlists and use Genius – anything your iPod can do, your car can too.
1.6Micropause apps.

Hate the wait at red lights? Why not fill the time by reading the news or playing a game? Your car will let you know in good time when the lights are ready to turn green.

1.7Outlook functionality in the car.

Can’t survive without mail? The car’s Outlook facility flags up the “You have mail” message directly from the exchange mail server.

1.8Message Dictation.

If you want to reply right away, there’s no need to stop the car. Simply dictate your emails and text messages without taking your hands off the wheel or your eyes off the road.

1.9iDrive Controller with integrated touch control.

A touch-sensitive surface on the iDrive Controller makes writing even easier.

1.10 microNavigation.

Which entrance at the zoo will get you straight to the elephant enclosure? microNavigation takes route guidance beyond the road.

1.11Urban navigation.

Heading for a major event in town? With its insider knowledge, the urban navigation function works out the best detour.

1.12 Mobility Assistant.

Sometimes it’s quicker to go by public transport. The Mobility Assistant tells you when, guides you to a free parking space, and briefs you in advance on the return journey.

2. Driver assistance systems of the future – a guardian angel on board.

2.1Active PDC.

You’re reversing out of a tight parking spot with your attention focused on the rear, while at the front things are getting too close for comfort – Active PDC helps prevent parking bumps and scrapes.

2.2Remote Controlled Parking.

In future all you will need to do is park your car in front of the garage. The vehicle then manoeuvres itself into the garage – and out again – by remote control.

2.3Proactive pedestrian protection systems.

You just glance right for a second and a pedestrian steps out from the left. In such situations, proactive pedestrian protection systems can save lives through warnings and emergency braking.

2.3.1 Camera-based pedestrian protection.

2.3.2 AMULETT.

2.4Active Hazard Braking.

If the brake lights of the car ahead are approaching too fast, Active Hazard Braking automatically intervenes to prevent a collision – even at high speeds.

2.5Lateral Collision Avoidance.

Multiple lanes, heavy traffic, the adjacent vehicle is trying to avoid a cyclist – Lateral Collision Avoidance swiftly points you to the best lane.

2.6Traffic Jam and Queuing Assistant.

Active Cruise Control can be extended by the Traffic Jam and Queuing Assistant to keep the car in its lane even when cornering.

2.7Emergency Stop Assistant.

A heart attack on the motorway – the car takes over, moves safely across to the hard shoulder without impeding other road users, and summons help.

Connected Drive for Efficient Dynamics – improved efficiency and dynamics through networking.
3.1Green Driving Assistant.

What’s an extra ten minutes’ journey time when you can save three litres of fuel? The Green Driving Assistant allows you to select your route based on these options before you set out.

3.2ECO mode – more efficient driving at the touch of a button.

How efficient is my driving? Is there room for improvement? Switch to ECO mode at the press of a button and simply sail towards the next motorway exit.

3.2.1 Display concept.

3.2.2 Active coasting and the proactive driving assistant.

3.3Intelligent learning navigation.

Tailbacks on the way home: the intelligent learning navigation system alerts you even if you haven’t entered a destination. And it even knows your favourite “rat run”.

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