GSD&M and BMWNA have parted ways after five years according to Adage. GSD&M ‘s contract was scheduled for renewal on 12.31.10 and it was not clear if renewal was a for gone conclusion. However GSD&M made the first move and initiated the split claiming that they were making enough money off of the account and relationships are no longer strong with the marketing team, particularly in the wake of Mr. Pitney ‘s death. Additionally GSD&M felt that there simply wasn ‘t the kind of quality work there that the agency had hoped for.

GSD&M ‘s time at BMW has been marked by honesty and authenticity in TV spots an print ads that played up heritage, joy and above all else ideas. We loved most of it and will miss the the ads and the people behind them.

It ‘s unclear how big the account was this year but if 2009 is any indication it ‘s at least 138 million dollars worth of billings. At this point it ‘s unclear what BMW ‘s next move is. However the company and it ‘s products are high profile enough to surely generate enormous interest from the agency world. Expect a mad rush to pick-up the pieces.