Over the past several years Audi has used the Super Bowl to launch new models, and instill an image of being luxury and green. The German manufacturer has openly touted the increase in traffic to its website in the days after the Super Bowl spots as evidence the ads did what they were intended to.

BMW (in North America) over the past decade has opted to not spend the big bucks on Super Bowl ads and has stuck with more traditional forms of advertising, being a bit more conservative with the check book. In all of 2009 BMW (NA) spent $138 million in advertising, having spent $83 million through June of 2010 BMW (NA) is looking at significantly increasing that number moving forward.

With BMW launching a significant number of new models (over 60% are all new with the past few years) the manufacturer has a lot to get people interested in again. With so many new models BMW needs a large stage to make a significant impact to get the most out of their ads and the Super Bowl is just that.

While details of the spot or spots during the most watch event in the World have not been disclosed the agency tasked with the creation of the project will be MDC Partners ‘ Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal & Partners.

If the prior Olympic ads are any indicator- BMW will focus on the future with the Active E, the Efficient Dynamics program and the new model launches in a cohesive manner. We expect BMW to see the same surge in interest Audi has if the ad(s) are effective, it is all up to the agency now as BMW is spending the money again.

Source: AutoWeek