M3 Competition Package

We all know that over the last few weeks there has been a lot of debate on the weight and packaging with the 1M, that got me thinking about the M3 and the competition package. Currently the Competition Package features 19 ” wheels, an updated Electronic Damper Control (with a slight drop) and M Dynamic Mode. It is a pretty basic package with a sub-$3k price point. We have said countless times that there is no reason to buy an M3 without the Competition Pack in its current form as it looks great, adds some handling and is not that expensive.

Let ‘s be honest; it is mundane and boring to call a set of wheels, suspension and software a Competition Package.

When I hear competition, I think racing. Racing equates to more aggressiveness in all aspects of driving so why not make the package more aggressive? While the sky is the limit when you dream of the “ultimate “, I am keeping it within reason from the perspective of the manufacturer (BMW) and the consumer.

I would keep the current package and add in a Titanium or Incanel (lighter than titanium) exhaust to add some more sound to an already great soundtrack and to lessen the fat (You might see this exhaust in the not so distant future). The brakes are fine on the track with some quality pads so why not include a set of higher performance pads and a few swap outs at the dealer? Even better, why not as part of the package include track use wear and tear on certain items like brake pads, rotors and wheel bearings (with a cap at 2 sets) instead of many dealers policy of not cover track wear and tear. I am not asking for more power as the car really is quick enough if you drive it the right way. Driving the right way – 1 Day M school should be included so drivers can handle the car if they are new to the track. The other key feature of the Competition Package – a short throw shift kit for those that still row their own gears – DCT drivers you ‘re out of luck there!

In a nutshell that is what I would see as the Ultimate Competition package of substance and not to just add Carbon Fiber and badges everywhere. What are your thought?