2010 BMW X1

It should come as no surprise that the X1 has been a sales success for BMW or should it be? The brand anticipated that it would attract a youthful buyer but not in the numbers it is currently seeing. It is selling so well that the US is not going to see it come until fall at the earliest because it makes more sense to sell them to countries using the Euro to maximize profits.

From past experiences we know that BMW can essentially build any of its vehicles in the US, as long as a supply chain can be established. With the X1 selling so well and all of BMW ‘s other soft roaders built stateside it almost seems to make sense to build then here to maximize profits. With the new 1 Series about to debut there will surely be a huge rush for them as well at a factory that is barely meeting the current demand. There has been some talk of building other models in the US, we would not be surprised if the X1 was one those models.