According to Australia ‘s The Age BMW will reveal a small roadster concept at the Geneva Motor show in early March. But the big question is, what wheels will be driven? Rumors have suggested BMW will be leveraging the FWD MINI platform for many of its small cars in the years ahead. Yet there have been other rumors suggesting BMW will launch a small roadster off of the upcoming F20 RWD 1 Series platform.

The Z2 (the long rumored name) would slot below the Z4 roadster and above the upcoming MINI Roadster in both size and price. The thought is that the Z2 would allow BMW to compete with new VW and Porsche small roadsters awhile the Z4 organically goes upmarket to battle the likes of the Mercedes SL.

According to the sources of The Age the concept we see will not go into production but many design features will be incorporated into a future model or models. And according to those same sources the styling is said to be wild. Overlapping exterior panels, Z1 like disappearing doors, bulges and exterior lighting that changes color, the car will surely be a star of the show.

BMW to Unveil Baby Roadster / The Age