Last week we had an open discussion about the contents of the current M3 competition package. Now it ‘s your turn.

We offered up some changes we ‘d like to see, but more importantly we concluded that “Compeition ” is not a well branded or descriptive name. Porsche uses a variety of names such as Sport Cup, Corvette has grand sport or Z06 and so on and so on.

There is some indication that BMW is exploring renaming the package as a step between base M3s and the GTS edition. Giving the car even more clout on the track. BMW recently introduced “IS ” models to further increase the sporting intentions of non M cars so it is understandable they would want to do the same within the M line.

What are some of your thoughts on how BMW could rename the ZCP package for the M3? Remember the name must be unique to BMW M, I personally like Motorsport but many of you are more creative so let ‘s hear it!