According to Scott27 ‘s recent posting on GCF BMW is currently looking at the possibility of producing a four door sedan based on the F20 1 Series specifically for the US market. The idea is to bring back some of the character of the E36 and E46 sedans in a modern four door coupe package. Similar to the 6 Series Gran Coupe (seen above) the 1er sedan would be a low-slung niche product slotted below the 3 Series sedan.

As part of the plan BMW could potentially produce the car in Spartanburg to reduce costs for the North American market. But is this car aimed for the US market? Scott explains that having a four door sedan on the market in UK and EU countries would undercut the lucrative company car market dominated by 3 and 5 series diesel models.

Sounds great to us but what do you think? Would you consider a smaller, sleeker sedan over a 3 Series?