For months we ‘ve heard rumors of a few different new M3s. First there was the matte black edition rumored for the US market (still coming from what we hear). Then there ‘s the Tokyo Motor Show concept that is said to be an E92 M3 completely remade with carbon fiber and meant to hint at the engineering and design techniques seen in the next M3. Now we have this, an E90 M3 that M simply tells us is “stripped out “. What we ‘ve heard through the grapevine is that this model is meant to slot between the stock M3 and the GTS. It will come with “over ” 420 hp and includes revised brakes and suspension. There ‘s obviously no word pricing, US availability or timing. M is being rather coy about what this car really is only saying it will be fully revealed at the M Fest at the Nurburgring M Fest later this June.

But we want to hear what you think?

How does a stripped down M3 sound to you? Take the costly engine and interior modifications out of it and give it some GTS love and things start to look pretty compelling to us.

The photo courtesy of our friends at Bimmerpost