1Addicts WLKSFTLY is one helluva lucky guy. Not only is he the first person the world to take delivery of a 1M but he had a chance to meet with some of the people that created the car at M ‘s HQ. You can read his account of the delivery here. However many of you might be more interested in what he gleamed from the engineers who worked on the 1M. While almost all of it has been eluded to on BF (and at times on other sites) over the past six months there are a couple of new bits to chew on. Here ‘s a sampling of the full list:

– Front Strut Bar – If you din ‘t see it on the marketing cars….you will…There is a massive metal ring on the top of each strut tower that has beams attached to them that run back to the firewall. Completely different than the 135i (ED: We talked about this while at Detroit)
– Extra Water Cooler: Driver side front
– Upgraded Power Steering Cooler
– Upgraded Rack Ratio
– Completely different tune, although on a very similar engine. – We were describing how we were driving the car trying to make the appointment at M and one engineer told me, “the only reason you haven ‘t spun it is becuase you left the traction control on…. ” He also dropped that this would occur because….there is more under that pedal than might be printed in a brouchure….

– Lightweight Flywheel, a lot lighter, as described to us, its as light as could possibly be used in a dual mass application.
– Dry Sump Light weight transmission, totally new for this application
– New Driveshaft, lightweight to addapt to the new transmission
– M3 Differentialwith dynamics for the shorter wheelbase considered with integrated cooling fins

Kudos to WLKSFTLY for the gorgeous car and the great delivery notes. There ‘s lots more over at 1Addicts. We ‘ll have our own review (with much more info about the car) in about a month ‘s time.