We are taking in all the ///M5 we can in the beautiful Andalusian city of Sevilla, Spain piloting BMW ///M ‘s latest itineration of the iconic M5. Spending a significant amount of the day driving the fifth generation of the world’s most successful high-performance sedan has been thrilling and nerve racking thanks in part to high temperatures and Spanish pavement that apparently has been coated with olive oil; all kidding aside, the roads are some of the slickest we ‘ve ever encountered.

The all new ///M5 features more than 80% of its total parts being bespoke to it when compared to the base 5 Series model. The most noteworthy difference of course is what is under the hood, and BMW ///M has given us something truly special this go around. The 5th generation of the M5 features a twin turbo reverse flow V8 with cross bank manifold, direct injection and valvetronic. What all that adds up to is an engine that produces 560 hp, and 502 lb-ft of torque while achieving a 30% increase in fuel economy over the outgoing V10. Coupled to a 7 speed DCT (also equipped with auto start/stop), the car is able to achieve a 0-60 mph time of 4.4 seconds according to BMW ‘s normally low balled numbers.

The new ///M5 features a direct mounted rear end, where the rear is directly bolted to the frame of the vehicle rather than via bushings, and an electrically controlled multi-plate slip differential capable of distributing power from 0-100 percent between the rear wheels. This really helps get the power down and seems to reign in the back of the car a great deal when compared to the previous E60. M dynamic mode remains a stalwart but worth noting is that there are now two buttons on the dash that can be programmed to the driver ‘s preference, for chassis, engine response, and steering feel/weight. The car is extremely customizable and surprisingly straight forward.

The sound, while not as intoxicating as the naturally aspirated V8 in the M3 is respectable in a deep baritone format- burbling and popping during downshifts and engine breaking. It is loud enough to be heard but not overly obnoxious and screaming “look at me “, nor is it annoying and heaving towards drone.

What about steering? Steering is NOT electric and features the latest Servotronic hydraulic system custom tuned for this application. It works precisely. Now with road feel, that ‘s right the F10 5 Series can have road feel that enthusiasts love; the caveat is the system and thus the feel is exclusive to the ///M5 so if you want an nonelectric steered 5er, get in line for this M.

Tomorrow we will be exposing the M5 to a dose of race track- in the Ascari flavor. Stay tuned to BimmerFile for our full report and our extensive photo gallery. A full review will be completed soon.