Today we bring you two videos (via Insideline and Bimmerpost respectively) of the next generation M3 as it gets some late season testing in at the ‘Ring. We expect the four door M3 to be the first out of the gate in the spring of 2013 with the two door (still likely named the M3 and not the M4) a year later.

(other video after the break)

However the big mystery is what ‘s under the hood. We know it ‘s a six cylinder but whether or not it ‘s a V6 (derived directly from the 4.4L V8 in the new M5) or an inline six remains a mystery. We also know that M will employ the use of at least two turbo-chargers in an effort to produce over 450 hp. One thing we can tell is that the exhaust (as heard here) is clearly a work in progress.

Look for testing images and video to slow down as the ‘Ring testing season draws to a close in the coming weeks. However we should be seeing an updated version of the F80 next spring as it undergoes it ‘s final testing phase ahead of a likely 2013 launch. And yes, we do expect it in the US.

Source: Insideline / Bimmerpost