The new F30 3 Series has elicited quite a few question from BF readers since it was introduced about a month ago. And more than a few have been questioning the car ‘s use of electronics to change the driving behavior and performance. Will it actually change the “feel “? That we won ‘t know until we drive the car later this month. But the other end of the spectrum – EOC Pro mode – we can tell you about. Here ‘s Robert with the question:

>I am curious about the new “eco pro ” setting on the F30. BMW claims a potential improvement of 20% fuel consumption. Will this be over and above the stated US EPA mileage? in other words, will the stated EPA mpg numbers take into
consideration the eco pro mode or can we expect even better mpg on top of these numbers if we utilize the setting? Thanks.

Good question Robert. The EPA will use the comfort (standard) setting for testing so ECO-Pro will actually be additional. It ‘s something that BMW will surely challenge but at this point that ‘s the plan. Obviously with the N20 four cylinder under the hood, the 328i will see around a 20% increase in efficiency over the six cylinder E90 328i. Now add another 20% on top of that and you have yourself a very sizable difference in efficiency as compared to the outgoing 2011 model 328i.

I have ECO-Pro on my F20 5-door 1 Series and it works as advertised. Basically it reduces ancillary draw; heated seats, mirrors, defrosters, and blowers. The accelerator pedal is also less direct, meaning you ‘ll need more pedal to accelerate at the same rate as in comfort mode. Gear shifts are also made sooner with the 8 speed automatic.

As is customary these days, numbers with the manual will be slightly less impressive since the electronics cannot control shift points.

Personally I ‘ve been averaging about 1.9 mpg improvement with Eco-Pro, but I honestly haven ‘t put full effort into it.