Last week we brought you some of the latest rumors on the upcoming 2 Series Coupe and Convertible via our favorite public insider, Herr27/Scott26. Today the man is back (via GCF) with even more on the 2 Series. Specifically what we should expect in exterior design and technology. We also get a hint of what ‘s to come in the form of a real follow-up to the revered 1M. It ‘s spelled “M2 ” and our source doesn ‘t expect it to nearly hard to get this time around.

>With the forthcoming seperation of the BMW Compact segment family to accomodate each equal family such as the UKL/Next generation 1er , the current 1er and the all new 2er family – All distant in looks and purpose.

>Still maintaining the ability of a RWD drivetrain and the benefits of an entry sports coupe. The renaming of the current 1er Coupe and Cabrio allows BMW to expand on the model line by resorting back to the traditions of classic entry BMW ‘s – Compact , focused and no limits when it comes to involving driver communication and dynamic handling. For the idea of this expanding family we have to go back to the 2002 and the E30 3er. Cars that helped define the segment.

>To make you understand how the BMW 2er appearance differs from the BMW 1er I have done this quick rendering in Paint for quickness over an existing 1er coupe.

>As you can see the arrow-like headlights remain but they are more edgier and sportier at the bonnet line and wrap around the wing like a 6er. The arrow shape of the light unit is highly prominent but connects diagonally into a wider three-dimensional kidney grille as per modern BMW design.

>The lower intakes reflect the opposite direction of the headlights by being more angular. The sculpture lines on the bumper highly prominent the front of the car and help protrude the front of the car for class-leading front impact and pedestrian safety.

>The “eye-bags ” under the headlights connect with the lower intakes and flow downwards similar to the 6er forming the air curtains at the side of the intakes.

>And depending what model-line there will be the option of decorative trim surrounding circular fog lights.

>The overall appearance shows a kin-ship with the F20 1er but interprets its DNA in a more sportier format which brings the car into line with the other BMW Coupe ‘s such as the 6er and forthcoming 4er Coupe.

>It can be said that there is a similar comparison to the larger 6er Coupe especially in its profile which some say resemble a shrunken 6er but to entry coupe proportions. Continuing with the big car feel some 2er ‘s seen at the studios of Munich include LED headlights and larger 19 “wheels.

>Engine options will be varied from petrol and diesel four and six cylinder right up to the storming M235i adding the focused chassis of the M135i with 2er Specific changes to the chassis and suspension before climaxing in a lighter M2 variant. A car that will aim to repeat the same successful formula as the 1er M Coupe by being the “entry ” ladder to the M Division but with a reduction in weight and not as limited this time around.

>The cabrio variant retains a folding soft-top for significant weight reduction and clean lines with a completely flat rear deck enhancing the sportier appearance with superior levels of beauty.

>The sportier look to the 2er shows why BMW are expanding the 2er line to include a Gran Coupe four door model in order to enter a growing competitive segment by combining a sport sedan with greater individuality and class-leading dynamics.

>The new BMW 2er Coupe and Cabrio will be introduced in 2013.