The undressing tease with the 2014 BMW 5 Series has been going on for months but today it is BMW ‘s most important market, China, with the first peek at what ‘s in store.

The refresh or Life Cycle Impulse as BMW affectionally calls their mid-cycle product updates has, which should come as little surprise, upgraded bumpers lights and trim on the exterior. LED headlights and fog lights will be optional but the real story is under the hood. The US market will see an updated V8 and a happily welcomed diesel under the hood as well.

5lci rear

On the inside there will be minor upgrades but nothing drastic like when the previous generation 5 received the same treatment back in 2007. The one area that the 5 could use some help in has always been its weight, but that is still a few years out from now with the all new model that is in the early stages of development.