Early in the development of the M3/M4 we took part in a round table with BMW M to discuss what enthusiasts would like to see as far as technology in future models; M has continued these discussions through the development of the M Performance line of automobiles and accessories. During these discussions functions of iDrive were discussed such as Lap Timers, Ghost races and even half jokingly; a “Drift” mode.

Sources point to M developing just such a feature for its next rambunctious offering, the M2. While still being finalized and not officially green lit, the function would offer guidance to the driver on how to complete a perfect drift through the heads up display (or M Performance Steering Wheel accessory) as well as the ability to take over full control of throttle modulation and even some steering inputs (thanks to Electric Power Steering).

Similar to the M Dynamic mode of Dynamic Stability Control, this function would provide more freedom for the driver but allow some level of safety net so things do not go horribly wrong. The interesting part to us is the proposed “training” mode, this in action might offer up some car control techniques that may improve driving skills- or at least keep Michelin selling Pilot Sports at a good clip for years to come.

How do you feel about a “Drift Mode” being available? Too much or a smart marketing ploy?