Just in time for The Tudor Sportsar Championship at Road America, we picked up a brand new Austin Yellow M4 for a week long test. While our full review of the car will happen in due time, we wanted to bring you a peak at it and a few early notes.

– Austin Yellow is like Phoenix Yellow on steroids. Love it or hate it, it gets a lot of attention.
– The ceramic brakes continue to be incredible. While street driving doesn’t tax them, knowing they’re there begs you to test hem every so often. Which in turn is a great way to freak out passengers.
– The M4’s MDM mode is clearly less aggressive than that on our 1M. Expect that to change with the forthcoming competition package in a few years.
– The interior (finished in Sonoma beige) is gorgeous. When the lacquered carbon fiber trim looks excellent. That color combined with Austin – Yellow makes for a surprisingly nice combo.
– Did you know the M logos on the seats were illuminated? They are.
– The M4 (like the 4 Series) has one of the more surprisingly impressive trunks we’ve ever seen.
– I love that M made the decision to eliminate the useless seatbelt arms found in the rest of the 4 series range thereby savings 24 lbs.
– The seats, despite not having leg extensions have won me over. Excellent support from top to bottom.

Look for more in our full review. And in the meantime checkout our head to head review of the new M4, the E92 M3 and the 1M.