File this strictly under rumor – According to a well placed source the 2016 BMW M2 will be priced at $51,000. But it does make for an interesting thought. For comparison the 1M was $47,030 (without destination) about 20% less than the M3 of the time. If we look at this rumored price of $51,000 and compare it to the $64,200 price of the M4, we find it matches up perfect with the 20% figure we saw previously.


Does this make it correct? We’ve been expecting the exact same delta between the M2 and the M4 that the 1M and the M3 had in 2011. So yes, it makes perfect sense to us. But we’ll have to wait for final pricing which will be revealed closer to launch for confirmation. More specifically (hint hint), look for that information to drop just before a major US auto show.