BMW is set to build true M versions of its two midsize crossovers the X3 and X4 according to sources.

Several of our sources have been chattering about them for awhile but now we’ve heard further confirmation BMW is proceeding with plans and will be code naming the cars (in modern M tradition) F97 and F98.

With the next generation X3 hitting the market next year undoubtedly we expect the new M version to be based on new G01 version. Said to be lighter than the current X3, the G01 will also offer a stiffer and more capable chassis for further M development.

While there are some rumors that point to the X4 M being based on the current car, we expect BMW to look for effeciences in engineering by using the same platform to build both models. Therefore we expect the next generation X4 (like the G01 X3) to be the base of the X4 M.

It’s likely we’ll see bother cars in about 24-30 months time.