BMW’s car subscription service just got more interesting. At $1,045, BMW is offering a chance to “subscribe” to new BMW’s including the 330i, 330e plugin hybrid, X2, X3, M240i and the full electric i3. Does this type of “ownership” sound interesting to you?

Car subscription service

Here’s how it all works. Access by BMW members have the ability to request a vehicle based on their planned usage or activity via mobile app (available for both iOS and Android). Once a vehicle has been requested, a BMW concierge will personally deliver the vehicle most closely matching the member’s needs to their location at the desired time. Vehicles arrive fully fueled and freshly detailed with personal preferences already pre-set. There is no limit to how often members can switch vehicles within a given month.

The other two, higher priced tiers have some pretty compelling options as well. And BMW has slashed pricing there:

  • Legend Tier $1,399/mo ($2,000) includes sedans, coupes, convertibles, SAVs and the M2)
  • M Tier $2,699/mo ($3,700 ) includes M4, M5, M6 convertible, X5M and the X6M)