There have been plenty of rumors over the years of a successor to the vaunted M1. Now it would seem a BMW supercar may in fact be happening. According to, board member responsible for product development for BMW, Klaus Frolich, strongly hinted that a BMW supercar was in the works.

“(A) Supercar is my personal wish … I think there is a next window of opportunity whenever we have the life cycle for i8,” said Frolich at the 2018 Paris motor show. “I’m working very hard to make it happen.”

BMW Supercar

Referencing the current i8 he went on to say:

“The chassis is so robust, so good and so lightweight that I would like to use it for a second generation. I have a wonderful carbon fibre chassis for a sports car in my portfolio – currently it’s used in the i8. This car was launched in ’14, so I would like to use something like that, with much more performance, electric and conventional. Then it will be very soon in the 600 horsepower or something region and it will not have a weight of two tonnes.”

When asked about the market for such a vehicle Frolich added:

“This market segment is so small … there is always a business case discussions about it … we have to invest in the brand, too.”

This coincides with the rumors we had heard awhile back that BMW would be making the 2nd generation i8 much more of a driver’s car with higher levels of performance. Timing is still unknown but we would expect something around the 2020 timeframe.