This week BMW took the wraps off of its first all electric sedan, the BMW i4. While everyone has been focused on the healthy grille, there are a number of innovations that should be interesting to the future of BMW infotainment. Perhaps the largest (pun intended) is that giant screen. 

BMW infotainment

BMW is late to the party in offering a large rectangular screen with both Mercedes and now Cadillac beating them to it. What does that mean for other BMW models? Perhaps quite a lot.

Sources tell us to expect most models to move to this free-form rectangular display over the next 4-5 years. While there will be several sizes offered of the dual-screen layout, all BMW’s will eventually follow a similar design.

While the interface in this photos above is still in concept form, it points to a much more three dimensional future in terms of design and capability. The MFC (multi-function controller) will likely remain but this will increasingly be seen as a touch-first experience.