As the M3 and M4 have gotten larger and moved upmarket, the G87 BMW M2 has been a smash hit for the brand. But perhaps more importantly to us it’s carried the torch for those looking for the classic real wheel drive M experience. While the M2 CS is still hitting dealers and keeping momentum up, BMW has already turned its attention to the next M2 – a car that looks to stay true to that classic M formula while producing even more performance.

What do we mean by classic? For one this will be a rear wheel drive car only. That will both focus the M2 in terms of what it delivers and further differentiate the M2 from the base M3 and M4 models. Also classic will be the transmission choices, or at least one. Yes the M2 will come standard with the classic Getrag six speed manual. Also on offer will by the same torque converter automatic 8 speed from the new M3 and M4.

G87 BMW M2

Expect pricing of the G87 BMW M2 to increase to just north of $60k and for BMW to offer much more technology this time around. That means we’ll see a version of the giant two-screen infotainment system that the iX debuted with earlier this year. Along with it will come all sorts of driving aids (including limited autonomy).

We’ll see many standard features and options carried over from the recently released M3 and M4. Expect a staggered wheel set-up of 19″ in the front and 20″ in the back, M compound brakes (secretly standard on the current M2) and even an optional CF roof a la the CS . But don’t expect high-ticket items like the ceramic brakes and carbon buckets. Those will be held for the forthcoming CSL version debuting later in the product cycle.

the G87 BMW M2 will debut later this year with production starting in December. Look for US deliveries to hit showrooms in March and April of 2022. Oh and don’t be surprised if that first batch of cars coincides with the 50th Anniversary of BMW M.