Big show tonight. We invited our good friends from Whiteroofradio (the MINI podcast the is arguably the most popular independent automotive podcast on iTunes) to talk BMW and to talk BMW vs MINI. It ‘s a throw-down and I think it ‘s pretty clear who the winner is at the end.

We also talk BMW news. The 1M of course followed by some diesel talk (if you want to know what the next diesel BMW NA is bringing, listen), our 550i review and of course we talk about the new Frozen Grey Edition M3.

But what about the new front wheel drive BMW and how it relates to MINI? We dive into this with the WRR guys and talk about the challenges BMW is going to have sharing a chassis and engines.

Finally there ‘s the 24 Hours of LeMans. Not BMW ‘s finest hour and we dissect what happened and why.


Download (28 MB MP3)