BMW 1M Unofficially Rendered


What can we say except for WOW! Gerald, aka “Alpine325ci ” has the title as the resident photoshopper extraordinaire over with our friends at Bimmerpost and he deserves it, as the car looks great.

His render puts into a visual many of the specifics we have described in words, such as the mirrors taken directly from the M3 and the more aggressive side vent. He was able to show what we believe the full front air dam will eventually look like. There are a few things that don ‘t quite match up with what Gabe has described first hand. The side faring comes in earlier and there ‘s a bit more detail just in front of the rear wheel that isn ‘t seen here. Also, we expect the lights to be subtly tweaked and may feature some of the more recent changes BMW has made across the line with LEDs and DRL halos (possibly coming to all 1ers as a late update). And is the inclusion of a carbon fiber roof a bit too much for this entry level ///M car? As you likely read earlier this week our sources hint at yes but we will see soon enough. (more images after the break)

1M Render

1M Render

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  • JonPD

    Mad Photoshop skills, very well done Alpine325ci

    Love the look and just have to say that visually speaking I think the 1M is also a direct descendant of the E30 ///M.

  • 1Mc

    Alpine325ci just blows my mind. He has a white one done now as well.. has to be seen to be believed

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  • woohoo

    Put lipstick on a pig….and you still have a pig.

    Hooray for the entry level pseudo M-Car…So it begins, the de-status’ing and tarnishment of BMW brand Image.

    IN the future…

    “BMW the brand everyone can afford”


  • JonPD

    That already happened woohoo

    A 5k SUV crossed dressed in ///M badges already did a great job of tarnishing the M Brand. The X5/X6 is all about using the worst technology of the GTR to make these lumps of ego go around corners as well as they do.

    In the current day…

    Bigger Motor Works and the MOM division.

    I personally think returning to the E30 M is the only thing salvaging ///M in recent history. As much as I love the E92 M we still see something that is closer to a GTR than the E30 M.

  • Bimmer1

    Isn’t there supposed to be a hood bulge, or what they call the “power dome” hood? I certainly hope so, because with those flared fenders the hood lines really look too flat to me. Especially from the front.

  • Kyle S

    Instead of concentrating on bullshit like the 1M why is BMW not developing a supercar to compete with Mercedes or the Audi R8. What is BMW thinking lately?

  • JonPD

    I think the primary reason Kyle is that there is bigger sales opportunity with the 1M. If this is anything like the MINI GP it will be a great way to get some buzz while greatly limiting the developing costs.