During my morning ritual catching up on the latest news from my favorite auto sites, I stumbled across this little tidbit at Jalopnik.com.BMW appears to have something special in mind for “launching ” the new 1 series in the US.If you ‘ll follow the links you ‘ll see some substantial groundwork for an extensive viral web campaign to build buzz for the new model line I ‘ll call “Rampenfest. ”

This isn ‘t foreign territory for BMW.You may remember the brilliant The Hire series of films produced by BMW in early 2000, featuring some of Hollywoods finest talents.While “The Hire ” and “Rampenfest ” aren ‘t quite in the same league, it is nice to see that BMW continues to embrace “alternative ” media, including; a blog, YouTube and Flickr.

Jeff Schultz ‘s blog

Jeff ‘s YouTube

Jeff ‘s flickr page

Oberpfaffelbachen, home of Rampenfest