Another solid article by the folks at Edmunds. Instead of focusing on trying to find a competitor to the 135i they simply matched it up with it ‘s big brother the 335i and the previous generation M3. All cars I might add that are on my 2009 shopping list. Here ‘s an excerpt:

>Considered by most editors to be the best-of-both-worlds compromise between the larger 335i and the harsher M3, the 135i is the perfect package in many ways. On the tightest, twistiest roads, the 135i is unquestionably the car to have. Offering the perfect combination of nimbleness, suspension compliance and tractable power delivery, it is easily the most rapid car over mountain roads.

We ‘re not going to give away the results other than to say a few eye-brows might be raised by the end of the article. Highly recommended.

+ Comparison: 135i, 335i, E46 M3 / Edmunds