So Jeremey Clarkson hates the BMW X1. He calls the engine something “from a canal boat ” and says it looks like a “Hyundai that’s been subjected to a thousand years of wind erosion “. Fair enough, that ‘s one man ‘s opinion. But just for a second lets assume that the 2.0 liter diesel in the does sound like an engine from a canal boat. Since we ‘re from the US and don ‘t see a lot of canal boats we ‘ll just assume they all have 177 bhp and get 35 mpg combined like the 2.0L diesel.

Now lets look at the eroded Hyundai. Taking a step back and thinking about what erosion does in general, we figured the best place to find something similar to a 1000 year old eroded hyundai would naturally be Wikipedia. Looking at what erosion does to earth (and assuming the natural materials found in a Hyundai would be similar) we feel like there are many representative images found on the Wikipedia page on erosion. Now turning our attention back to the X1 and comparing it to what we found on Wikipedia, we have to come to the conclusion that Clarkson was using some form of sarcasm when describing his dislike of the X1.

So there you have it. A journalist in the UK doesn ‘t like the look of the BMW X1. Apparently that is news worthy of not only of BimmerFile but most of the automotive web.

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