The F30 3 Series is progressing rapidly with high level design and engineer finalized. Now BMW is turning to the testing and evaluation process. And luckily for us that means the covers must come off from time to time. So with that we present you what could be our best look yet (courtesy of Carscoop) at the new F30 3 Series interior.

First lets start off with the central display unit. Shockingly it ‘s more inline with the current generation 1 Series than with the just released 5er. In fact it looks very close to the E8X 1er. It ‘s set back deep into the dash giving the cockpit a more sweptback feel. Sportier? We know BMW prides itself in keeping the 3er design language younger and sportier than the 5er so perhaps thats the look they ‘re going for. But suffice to say that, if this is the F30, it ‘s a strange step for BMW

There also appears to be a fairly large start/stop button module where is just a button the current E90 3er. Then just north of the start/stop there ‘s an extra button. What is it? We ‘re not quite sure yet.

In all it ‘s a look that is promising and shockingly different from the interior design language we ‘ve been getting use to from BMW over the past several years. Is it final or just a mocked-up temporary dash to conceal something entire different and more 5 series like? Time will tell.