Last week we told you what the 1M wasn ‘t. Now it ‘s time to talk about what it is.

On the eve of the 1M reveal (or partial reveal) we published an article arguing that the 1M may have reached un-warranted mythical status. We posed the question; has all the hype turned a good car into an undeserving great car? Now we want to present the other end of the opinion spectrum.

Numbers, technology and bespoke parts mean nothing if there isn ‘t feel and emotion. Much like the MINI JCW GP, the 1M was put together in short order by a dedicated team of individuals bound together to do one thing; create a car (above all else) that brings fun back to the M Division.

And interestingly much like the GP ‘s early days, there ‘s been much debate on this site and forums about the would be success of the 1M.

The 1M was created as an entry point for the M brand. A back to basics car with a manual transmission, high output engine and a wicked differential to apply all the power. It ‘s the M brand distilled down to it ‘s vintage core. And the truth is we love every bit of it. No we haven ‘t driven the 1M but the principles that created the car are the same ones that inspired us to create this site.

The 1M will not be a technological tour de force that some had expected. It will not be the stripped down 2800 lbs rocketship that some had hoped for. Instead it will be nothing short than an M3 killer in a smaller, cheaper package. Much like the Z3 and Z4 M Coupe, sources are telling us that the 1M will be a car built strictly for enthusiasts. Being offered only with a manual transmission means the 1M is only as good as you are. If you ‘re crap, the car is crap. On the other hand, if you ‘re smooth and fast, the 1M will likely be sublime in a way that few cars are. There will be no pretense.

The 1M likely won ‘t be subjected to the same soccer mom abuse that M3s have to deal with. This will be a limited car with a limited audience. As BMW enthusiasts we should all rejoice, this is a car specifically for us. Years from now when we see a first generation 1M pull up to a light, we ‘ll know the driver and the car are serious and pure.

So why are so many disappointed about the details of the 1M? We think it comes down to fact that the 1M has a very focused audience. If you don ‘t like it, you ‘re simply not the one being catered to. And that ‘s the beauty of the 1M.

Focused on a core audience who require a purity of concept and (above all else) a car with soul. It sounds the perfect concept to us.